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200G QSFP56

200G QSFP56

200G QSFP56


The 200G QSFP56 are using 4x50Gb/s PAM4 channels to achieve a 200GE connectivity suitable for switch interconnectivity. 

Supports 212Gb/s 

Single 3.3V Power Supply 

QSFP56 MSA Compliant 

4x53.125Gb/s (PAM4) electrical and optical interface

Commercial case temperature range of 0°C to 70°C


200G Ethernet

Data Centers

Product Parameter

Part NumberFormData RateTx(nm)Pout(dB)      Rx            Se(dBm)            Connector            DDM            Distance      
ETQS56-200G85-SR4QSFP56200G850nm VCSEL-3~+3PIN-6.5MPOYES100m
ETQS56-200G13-FR4QSFP56200G1310nm DFB-4.2~+4.7PIN-8.2LCYES2km

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